You are beyond ready to launch your website but hiring a pro is out of the question. 

I get it! That was me. I wanted to start my lifestyle blog, I had the ideas, the posts planned out, service I could begin to offer. But the problem was my budget was around… ehhh 

Sound familiar? 

I feel you. I was there. I lived it

I was exactly where you are right now you have the drive the motivation the plan but not the budget. 

I spent hours upon hours teaching myself how to build my own website. So much, in fact, I let my actual plan to BLOG fall on the back burner, I became in love with designing, I buried myself in youtube videos, saved up money to take courses, and workshops. I spent hours learning anything I could possibly learn. Which it’s kinda good I did because that very thing I was focusing all my time happened to develop my full-time career. 

I want to teach you how!